Computer Training Services

Design & Development

McMillan Bird's experience gained over 20 years of software application knowledge and courseware design and development techniques has enabled McMillan Bird to provide application focused material.

Our courseware development incorporates the design and writing of:

  • New hire skills testing to measure a candidate's skill level
  • Employee Performance Assessments
  • Courseware for all popular Microsoft, Adobe and Lotus business applications
  • Customised courseware, manuals and multi-media products built around business processes and work practices
  • Training Needs Analysis to differentiate between required and existing skill levels
  • Participant workbooks
  • Storyboards for e-learning
  • Cheat sheets and quick-lookup aids
  • ITIL Service Centre Help Desk Manuals - Remedy, Unilever and CA
  • Customer Records Management (CRM) system manuals
  • Assessment materials and performance monitors

Some of our clients include:

Lend Lease Hornsby Shire Council Skillgate Bovis Lend Lease