Microsoft Office New Hire Tests

Office 2003 & 2010 Tests

Ensuring that your future and current employees are knowledgeable in modern software applications is a sure-fire way to keep your company, your products, and your services up-to-date and making money. Verifying the level of familiarity and proficiency with a computer program before you hire a potential recruit helps to save valuable time and hours on training and retraining.

We offer introduction, intermediate, and advanced new recruitment tests for Microsoft Office versions 2003 and 2010. Additional tests can be created upon request.

Using McMillan Bird Microsoft Office new recruitment tests enables companies to verify if a job applicant meets the computer software knowledge requirements of the advertised position or to see if they require additional training. Employees that are interested in upward movement may take self-assessments to identify areas of improvement, or to refresh their memories in cases of extended absence or illness.

Every testing package includes:

  1. Exercise File
  2. Instruction Sheets
  3. Marking Guide
  4. Completed Exercise File

All tests work with Office 2003 and 2010. Once purchased there is no additional cost when upgrading to Office 2010. All tests are prepared and written by qualified trainers (BA Dip Ed\Cert IV) and are currently being used by different organisations throughout NSW. We are happy to supply references from happy customers.

Training and testing employees and verifying their proficiency in computer software is quickly becoming an essential and necessary skill for large and small employers alike. Finding a quality service or product to assist with such an endeavour is becoming more difficult with alarming regularity.

With experienced instructors, tip sheets, and the ability to test and train small- medium-large sized classes, McMillan Bird Training and Development is fully prepared to tailor-make a testing program for your company, while ensuring that you, your business, and your employees get the best results possible. For more information, or to sign up, Contact us or call 0419 215 617.

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