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Excel 2003 / 2010 Courses

We at McMillan Bird are pleased to offer several computer courses in MS Office Excel, ranging from basic to advanced level use. Adding to your arsenal of skills may help you get that new promotion, or ensure you receive the year-end bonus you want (and deserve!). We proudly offer these Excel training courses for your up-skilling needs, taught by top-notch instructors who have YOUR goals in mind.

Excel training courses are delivered onsite in a classroom environment for a group of users although one-on-one training is also available for those who desire more detailed instruction in key software features or prefer to learn at their own pace.

Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Excel training is available. If you're a beginner you may want to start with our first course. Learning the basics of any computer program is the basis for a complete, and thorough, ability to use it well. In the first course, it is our goal to provide you with those basics for Excel. Stepping up a bit in the second course, we add tools and strategies for use. The next area of training we offer is for those who need a more autonomous use and manipulation of their data. And finally, we offer a course to provide you with the skills to use even the most complex of functions.

Our Excel training is carefully constructed to provide you with the skills you need. We invite you to look at our course outlines and choose the best course(s) for you. Alternatively, you can self test your skills by working through our Assessments. Being a competent and professional user of Excel has never been easier to achieve!

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